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The 2019 Task Force brought a new recommendation for a pilot year of three fundraisers—Fall, Winter, and Spring. Led by an Events Coordinator, each team selects a leader, decides the type of fundraiser to be held, and participates in the planning and execution of the event. Money raised from all events is given away in grants to our approved philanthropies in May which is the end of the club year. 

From KidsTLC:

"Since 1972 JCYM has been a part of our beginning, growth and long term success.  Their generous members had a vision and put words into action.  To this day, members share their time and resources with KidsTLC's kids, families and programs in so many ways.  JCYM can be found enjoying our fundraising events, playing games with kids in our residential program, providing grants to encourage professional growth and collecting ongoing donations to support program needs."

Elizabeth Hall, Director of Campus Community Engagement

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To achieve a positive future for members of the community. 


To serve, support and promote philanthropies in our community. 

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                            A Message from our President, Shay Ashley

                                                      JCYM members are feeling a new sense of normalcy this summer as                                                        the Board of Directors and committees met in person to plan for the                                                        2021-2022 Club year.  I feel confident that the coming year is filled                                                          with creative fundraisers for our philanthropies, interesting                                                                        programs for our General Meetings and fun Day and Night                                                                        Activities as well as many opportunities for members to serve the                                                              community.

                                                      We will be meeting in person at the General Meetings.  Zoom will                                                            not be available.  However, if conditions warrant due to the COVID                                                          variant, limited in-person attendance and Zoom will be the new policy, along with social distancing and masks.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Johnson County Young Matrons.  As I reflected on this milestone, I decided that the themes for the 2021-2022 Club year would be constancy and adaptability.  Change has been a hallmark of JCYM from its inception. Yet JCYM, with all its changes over the years, has remained constant in our Vision and Mission.  This was true in the past.  It is true today and will be true in the future.

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