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Upcoming Day & Night Activities

April 21, 2023: Friday, 10:00 a.m. - Harry S. Truman Library & Museum Tour

500 West US Highway 24, Independence, MO-----Tickets are $8.00 

Make check payable to JCYM & send to Tara Gatti.

Purchase tickets at upcoming meetings or

Use this link to purchase with credit card

May 17, 2023: Wednesday, 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. - Installation Luncheon

Milburn County Club, 7501 W. 69th St., Overland Park, KS

                    Includes lunch for $32.00 

Purchase tickets at a meeting with check or cash or

Use this link to purchase with credit card

Questions? Contact Martha Wofford or Tara Gatti.

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Top Four Reasons

To Check Out JCYM


  • meet like minded women dedicated to volunteerism

  • better your community with hands-on activities and fundraising.

  • create new friendships of all ages and interests

  • desire to promote a positive future for the next generation





Membership Info

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From KidsTLC:

"Since 1972 JCYM has been a part of our beginning, growth and long term success.  Their generous members had a vision and put words into action.  To this day, members share their time and resources with KidsTLC's kids, families and programs in so many ways.  JCYM can be found enjoying our fundraising events, playing games with kids in our residential program, providing grants to encourage professional growth and collecting ongoing donations to support program needs."

Elizabeth Hall, Director of Campus Community Engagement


To achieve a positive future for members of the community. 


To serve, support and promote philanthropies in our community. 

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As we turn our calendars to 2023, we reflect on the success of the first half of our club year.  Now we look forward to our spring fundraiser, Let the Games Begin.  Click on the Events tab for more details.  Our next big focus will be Provisional Orientation.  I was recently asked why I joined JCYM.

I was invited to join JCYM by a friend who I had known for a long time.  Several of my friends had been in the organization for many years and I had heard about the work they did for local philanthropies.  At the time, I was very busy and would have told you there was no way I could fit anything else into my schedule.  Then I came to an informational meeting and went to some of the events.  What impressed me the most was the mix of doing good for the philanthropies and the way the women supported each other.  They seemed to be having a lot of fun.  Ten years later I still love the work this organization does and the women in it.  Anyone who likes to work toward a common goal with likeminded women would love JCYM.

Mary Ann Cappo,

JCYM President 2022-23

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