Social distancing and masks at meetings


The JCYM Board of Directors has established a safety policy regarding JCYM sanctioned group activities during the Covid-19 pandemic.


For the health and safety of JCYM members, all JCYM group activities (including Day & Night Small Group activities) are required to follow current Covid-19 safety guidelines (such as wearing masks and social distancing). Any JCYM activities that cannot follow current safety guidelines are temporarily suspended until such time that it is safe to meet. The health and safety of JCYM members is always our priority! 


The 2019 Task Force brought a new recommendation for a pilot year of

three fundraisers—Fall, Winter, and Spring. Led by an Events Coordinator, each team selects a leader, decides the type of fundraiser to be held, and participates in the planning and execution of the event. Money raised from all events is given away in grants to our approved philanthropies in May which is the end of the club year. 

Click on the banners above or on the "Learn More" box below to learn more about our public events -- Spring Florals for sale, and "JCYM Wine Tasting Event".

Darol Rodrock Holiday Party Hostesses


From KidsTLC:

"Since 1972 JCYM has been a part of our beginning, growth and long term success.  Their generous members had a vision and put words into action.  To this day, members share their time and resources with KidsTLC's kids, families and programs in so many ways.  JCYM can be found enjoying our fundraising events, playing games with kids in our residential program, providing grants to encourage professional growth and collecting ongoing donations to support program needs."

Elizabeth Hall, Director of Campus Community Engagement



To achieve a positive future for members of the community. 

To serve, support and promote philanthropies in our community. 


A Message from our President, Alisa Ford

As President of JCYM this year, our 59th year starting during a global pandemic, I thought a lot about the theme for the year. The following words seemed most appropriate as we navigate this crazy world we live in.

Strength, Resilience and Flexibility

Strength and resilience to power through whatever the world throws in our way on both a personal and JCYM volunteer service level, and flexibility to adapt to the different ways we may be engaging this year whether it be at JCYM meetings, fundraising events or volunteering for our philanthropies.

With so much uncertainty in the world, I am sure this year will be an interesting, unusual and challenging one for all of us. However, I’m confident that together we will continue to make a meaningful difference for our philanthropies and continue to provide a much-needed source of strength and support for each other.