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Top Four Reasons

To Check Out JCYM


  • meet like minded women dedicated to volunteerism

  • better your community with hands-on activities and fundraising.

  • create new friendships of all ages and interests

  • desire to promote a positive future for the next generation



Membership Info


From KidsTLC:

"Since 1972 JCYM has been a part of our beginning, growth and long term success.  Their generous members had a vision and put words into action.  To this day, members share their time and resources with KidsTLC's kids, families and programs in so many ways.  JCYM can be found enjoying our fundraising events, playing games with kids in our residential program, providing grants to encourage professional growth and collecting ongoing donations to support program needs."

Elizabeth Hall, Director of Campus Community Engagement



To achieve a positive future for members of the community. 


To serve, support and promote philanthropies in our community. 

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The 2022-23 JCYM club year is in full swing.  JCYM will have a Homes Tour, Boutique and Champagne and Chocolate event in November.  We hope you will come and bring family and friends to all of these fun events.

JCYM supports six philanthropies in Johnson County.  Please see the links on our website for more information.  Our partnership with them includes donating items, doing hands-on work and donating 100% of the proceeds of our fundraisers.

Our theme this year is "Make a Difference".  If you have ever thought about joining an organization of dedicated women who work hard and have fun, JCYM is for you.  Click on our Membership tab.  We would love to have you join us!