What is JCYM?



Here is what some of our members say...


  • I have enjoyed every moment of JCYM, the friendship, the programs, the leadership and, most of all, the many ways of giving of one ’s self…. (Liz - 50-year member)

  • JCYM is passionate about doing for others, both within our community and within our organization.… I treasure them for that compassion.  (Sara - 13-year member)

  • We play together; work together and the rewards from our philanthropies are limitless. (Poppy - 3-year member) 

  • I feel I receive more than I give.  When someone in JCYM has a care or concern, the love and support is amazing.   (Donna - 8-year member) 

  • Giving, caring, loving friends (Doris - 16-year member)

  • JCYM allows me to balance my career and family….  We have a common goal to serve our neighbors in need.  (Kim - 5-year member/Employed status)

  • Requirements are easy…. exposed me to my community and its needs, to new friends who support each other and still allows me to enjoy my family.  (Maryln - 10-year member)

  • JCYM is the sorority I didn't belong to in college.  (Carolyn - 9-year member)

  • JCYM is a group of women committed to improving their community through simple kind gestures.  (Charee - 1-year member/Employed)


If you would you like to learn more about JCYM, we would love to have you join us at a meeting!


Click HERE and our Membership Chair will call you back with all of the details.

2017 Provisionals having fun preforming skit to raise money for their group projects. 

Annual Membership Requirements


  • Guests and their sponsors are welcome to attend all general meetings (except closed meetings).

  • Check with the Membership Chair (by clicking above) if you don’t have a sponsor.


Prospective Members

  • Required to attend two general meetings before submitting an Application for Membership


Provisionals (members in training)

  • Attend a minimum of three Provisional Orientations

  • Attend three general meetings between February and May


Active Member

Eligible to vote, hold office and serve on the Board of Directors



  • Pay Annual Dues of $150

    • Operations Assessment $75

    • Ways & Means Assessment of $75

  • Serve on at least 1 club committee

  • Attend 6 general meetings

  • Pay for 3 meals

  • 25 Required Service Hours for Philanthropies/Ways & Means service projects


Supporting Member

Eligible to vote; ineligible to hold office or serve on the Board of Directors



  • Employed 25 hours per week

  • Full time student (at least 12 credit hours per semester)

  • Full time caregiver of small children or special needs child or adult

  • Combination of caregiver/student/employed

  • Members who have held Active status for 10 cumulative years



  • Pay Annual Dues of $112.50

    • Operations Assessment $75

    • Ways & Means Assessment $37.50

  • Select at least 2 of the following 4 choices

1.  Serve on 1 club committee

2.  Pay for 2 meals

3.  Attend 2 general meetings

4.  Give a minimum of 12.5 Required Service Hours yearly to approved JCYM Philanthropies/Ways & Means Service Projects


JCYM offers several other Membership status options for our current long-term members.